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Payment Plan (Dedicated Demon)

What is a Dedicated Demon Payment Plan?
Dedicated Demons is a payment plan option for memberships that allows you to show true commitment, and makes your membership renewal easier and more affordable.
You can pay your membership in 10 monthly instalments, or select our Dedicated Demon annual payment plan to have your membership automatically renewed in one lump sum each year.

In 2019, there are two ways to become a Dedicated Demon. Simply choose your preferred option upon paying for your membership:

  • Annual upfront: have your membership renewed from your credit card each year in one lump sum (no fees apply)
  • Monthly credit card: pay for your membership in 10 monthly instalments (no fees apply)

Become a Dedicated Demon

Being a Dedicated Demon allows you to show true commitment, and makes your membership renewal easier and more affordable. It is the Club's preferred method for membership payments. Your membership will simply “roll over" each year.


  • Annual, automatic and convenient
  • Never fill out paperwork again to renew your membership
  • NO FEES or charges
  • Receive a FREE 2019 Team Calendar and Customised Card

Make the statement that you are a Dedicated Demon by selecting this method of payment when renewing or joining in 2019. If paying by credit card or online, simply select the Dedicated Demon payment plan option when you sign up or renew.

The fine print:

Dedicated Demon Annual – full amount deducted from your credit card on 25th October each year.

Dedicated Demon Monthly – your annual membership fee is divided into ten monthly instalments (November to August) and deducted monthly from your credit card on the first business day of each month. Payments commence upon receipt of your application, or on 1 November for rolling payment plans. Payments commencing after 1 December will have a catch up payment to bring payments up to date with regular monthly payments.

No Tricks! - you will be emailed or mailed at the end of each season and given the option to opt out.

I'm already a Dedicated Demon, can I change my payment details?
Yes, you can change your payment details at any point throughout the payment period. Contact Membership Services on 1300 DEMONS (1300 336 667) during business hours to change your payment details.

Click here to download Dedicated Demon Terms and Conditions

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