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Fire Up 2017

To reward Melbourne members for attending home games throughout the year, we’ve officially launched our 2017 FIRE UP campaign.

If the lure of watching an exciting developing side wasn’t enough, we’re offering incentives for you to attend games in 2017. You will be part of an exclusive group of members receiving benefits as a reward for your support and dedication to the red and blue. The more games you attend, the more benefits you will receive. Our Fire up Campaign is based on 2017 attendance only, all members will automatically qualify to reap the rewards when they scan in. If you are an MFC/MCC member please ensure your MCC number is connected to your MFC account by calling the team on 1300 336 667 Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm. By scanning your membership, your attendance will accumulate and you will become eligible to claim the prizes below.

Attend 3 home games in Melbourne – Receive an exclusive pack of 4 footy cards

Attend 5 home games in Melbourne – Receive an exclusive pack of 6 footy cards

Attend 7 home games in Melbourne – Receive an exclusive Nathan Jones figurine

Attend all 9 home games – Receive the opportunity to be part of a special lap of honour at our final home game of Rd 22

Members who attend all home and away games in Melbourne in 2017 will be placed in a draw to receive a Guernsey at our final game of the year. This will be presented to 22 lucky winners by the players prior to their game. Good luck!

This is your opportunity to be rewarded for coming to the G and watching the team have a successful year ahead. The boys need as much support as possible to make this happen, we need our members at the game cheering on the boys and contributing to an unrivalled atmosphere.

See you at the MCG!

*Home Games in Melbourne in 2017

Rd 2, Rd 4, Rd 7, Rd 9, Rd 12, Rd 15, Rd 18, Rd 21, Rd 22 (Rd 5 and Rd 16 are replacement games that allow you to scan in with your membership card. These games will NOT count towards your attendance).