Replacement Game FAQs

What is a replacement home game?

In 2022 we will play a home game in Alice Springs. As a member this means you have one less game you can attend on your membership. While fixtured an away game, you will be able to gain general admission access with your membership to the Queen’s Birthday game. This game acts a replacement for the match played in Alice Springs.

I have access to home games on my membership, can I get access to the Queen’s Birthday game?

Yes, simply scan your membership card like you would at any home game and you will be granted general admission access.

I’m a reserved seat member, can I sit in my seat?

No, your usual reserved seat will be occupied by a Collingwood Member. While you get access to the ground like you would for a home game with your membership, the Queen’s Birthday game is still fixtured as a Collingwood home game.

I’m a 3-game member, if I attend the replacement game with my membership, will this count as one of my 3 games?

Yes, the replacement game will count towards one of your entitlements.