Mobile Membership


All members should log into their mobile memberships and save their tickets to their wallets prior to arriving at the MCG for home games.

If you're having trouble viewing your ticket, you will need to delete and re-download the app.

  1. Delete the MFC app from your mobile phone
  2. Go to your app store and search Melbourne Football Club
  3. Download the Melbourne Official App
  4. Open the app and click Mobile Membership from the home screen
  5. Login with your existing membership details, do not create a new account
  6. If you can’t remember your password, click forgot password and follow the prompts
  7. Once logged in, you will be able to view your barcode for our next home game.
    - If you cannot see your barcode for the next home game, please ensure there is T and MF logos next to your name. If only a T appears, you may need to click on an arrow to the right of your name which will allow you to access your Melbourne FC and Ticketmaster accounts.
    - If your Ticketmaster and MFC accounts are correctly linked and you still have issues viewing your barcodes, we suggest logging into your Ticketmaster account on a web browser and logging out. Then log back into the app.


Melbourne Members will be able to scan into the MCG using the Melbourne Football Club app on iPhone and Android devices.

We strongly encourage you to login to your account prior to match day to ensure you don't experience delays entering the ground.

Your tickets will be made available in the app 72 hours prior to each game.

Instructions to access your Mobile Membership are available below.

  1. Download the app on your iPhone or Android device from your phones app store. If already downloaded, please make sure you are on the most up to date version.
  2. On the main menu of the app, select ‘MOBILE MEMBERSHIP'. This will be located in the bottom middle tab of the app
  3. Log-in to your My Demons account. If you are unsure of your password or haven’t set one up, click ‘Forgot Password’. Follow the prompts to create a new one.
  4. Log-in to your My Demons account
  5. Select the match you would like to attend (this will be available 72 hours prior to each game)
  6. Select 'View Barcode' to view your ticket. Add to your Apple Wallet or Passbook for later use or simply scan in to the ground using the barcode in the app.

Important seating information for AFL Memberships

  1. If you are a Reserved Seat Member, note the location of your seat on your ticket. This will be your reserved seat for the season.
  2. If you are a Reserved Bay Member (Redlegs Bay N1-N4 or Demon Seats Plus Bay M13-M14), ignore the seat location on your ticket you can sit anywhere within your allocated bays.
  3. If you are a General Admission Member, ignore the seat location on your ticket you can sit in any general admission area.


Enhanced Digital Ticketing

AFL's Official Membership Partner Ticketmaster are working on a new login to safeguard your account experience and an enhanced digital ticket to get you into the game even quicker.

This account update will keep your information safer than ever before, while making it even easier for you to sign in and reset your password. The next time you sign in to access your membership, we’ll ask you to reset your password and verify your phone and email address. This helps us ensure that only you have access to your account and you’ll now use the same password for your Club Membership and your Ticketmaster account.

The enhanced digital ticket will get you into the game even quicker, but heads up screenshotting is no longer allowed, so please ensure you are saving your tickets to your wallet or transferring these to your friends and family before gameday.

Visit Ticketmasters Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to understand how we’re protecting and managing your information.

Find out more about the new way to sign in here, head to Digital Tickets - Simple and Easy for further information or contact the Membership Team on (03) 9652 1155 or at