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Digital Membership
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The best (and cheapest) way to stream all our games live, while supporting the Melbourne Football Club through membership. It's a win, win!

Package Benefits

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A subscription for 12 months of Kayo Basic

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Access to watch all AFL Premiership season games, plus more than 50 other sports, as part of your 12-month Kayo subscription

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2024 Melbourne Armchair membership

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40% off voucher to use at the Demon Shop (valid for one transaction)

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Access to exclusive offers from club partners

Please note: you will receive an email from containing your activation code. This may land in your junk/spam folder.

  • Members purchasing online will be on the upfront annual payment plan. For more information about Easy Pay click here.
  • For all Terms and Conditions, click here.

Kayo Terms & Conditions

Offer only available to 2023-24 AFL Club digital members. Must sign up via unique code provided by the club. Must activate code by the 30th November 2024. One redemption per person. After 12 month Kayo offer ends, subscription will automatically renew at standard Kayo pricing (currently $35/mth on Kayo Basic), unless the subscription is changed or cancelled prior. If you cancel within 12 month offer period you will lose the remainder of the offer and you cannot restart the offer. Not available in conjunction with other Kayo offers. Kayo is available in Australia only.

Adult $ $250
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