Grand Final Guarantee

Grand Final Guarantee
Yearly $ 229
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Red and Blue members are eligible to purchase this add-on to secure their spot in our Priority One ticket allocation. Members with the Guarantee are entitled to purchase one ticket with their barcode.

Package Benefits

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Guaranteed access to purchase a Grand Final ticket if Melbourne is competing

Memberships with Grand Final Guarantee already included

Legends, Trident, Trident Open Air, Redlegs, Redlegs Open Air and Demon Seats Plus members already have guaranteed access to purchase a Grand Final ticket as part of their membership package.

Plus all Grand Final Guarantee holders.

Ineligible memberships

MCC/MFC Exclusive, Armchair, Digital Armchair, AFL Club Support Full Members and Three Game members are ineligible to purchase and must upgrade their membership to purchase a Grand Final Guarantee.

Strictly one ticket per eligible member barcode

Grand Final Guarantee $ $229
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