Pledge Per Win
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Celebrate every red and blue win by signing up for Pledge Per Win. A flexible way to contribute to your Club, simply nominate an amount you wish to donate every time we get the four points.

Package Benefits

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Support the club with a tax-deductible donation every time the Demons win

We are all hungry for success so let’s commit to winning together.

Pledge Per Win amounts are now also tax deductible and are processed through the Melbourne Football Club’s Red and Blue Foundation.

By donating to Pledge Per Win you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Australian Sports Foundation.

For more information on our partnership and tax deductibility visit the ASF website.

$2 per win $ $2
$10 per win $ $10
$20 per win $ $20
$50 per win $ $50
$100 per win $ $100
$250 per win $ $250